JUNE 12-15, 2016, GUILIN, CHINA

Call for WCICA 2016 Tutorial and Workshop Proposals

WCICA 2016 welcomes proposals for Tutorials and Workshops. Tutorial sessions are organized before the conference to provide an overview or review of tools and methods developed for a topic of interest. Pre-conference Workshops will be offered to address current and future topics in the wide area of control and automation from experts in academia and industry.

Proposals should include:

If tutorial/workshop material already exists even in draft form, please provide it and relevant web pages. Those will be helpful for the program committee to make a more informed decision.

Tutorial and workshop proposals will be evaluated as they arrive, based on the timeliness, uniqueness of the topic and qualifications of the proposers. A decision on whether the proposal will be accepted will be communicated to the proposers after the review, in principle within two weeks of submissions. Accepted tutorials and workshops will be listed on the conference website.

Tutorial and workshop proposals may be submitted by e-mail to:
Dr. Lei Guo (,
Dr. Hong Yue (, or
Dr. Robert Kozma (
with a copy to WCICA 2016

Proposals submitted after December 20, 2015 will not be considered. Early proposals are highly encouraged.

Enquiries can be made directly to
Dr. Hong Yue ( with a copy to WCICA 2016

List of Tutorials and Workshops

ID Title Speakers Affiliation and Email
I01 Nonlinear Control of Dynamic Networks:
The Small-Gain Approach
June 12, 2016
9:00-12:00, Pearl Hall (明珠厅)
Tengfei Liu Northeastern University
Zhong-Ping Jiang New York University
I02 Brain-Like Intelligent Robots-Cognition,
Planning and Motion
June 12, 2016
13:30-16:30, Jade Hall (翡翠厅)
Hong Qiao Institute of Automation,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
I03 Model Free Adaptive Control (MFAC):
Progress and Applications
June 12, 2016
13:30-16:30, Pearl Hall (明珠厅)
Zhongsheng Hou Beijing Jiaotong University
Ronghu Chi Qingdao University of Science and Technology
Yuanming Zhu East China University of Science and Technology
I04 Anti-Disturbance Control:
Theory and Applications
June 12, 2016
9:00-12:00, Jade Hall (翡翠厅)
Lei Guo Beihang University
Yuanqing Xia Beijing Institute of Technology
Shihua Li Southeast University
Wenchao Xue Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science,
Chinese Academy of Sciences















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