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Call for WCICA 2016 Invited Session Proposals

WCICA 2016 welcomes proposals for invited sessions reporting innovative research results on focused topics. Proposals should include the title, aim and scope (including a list of topics), and the names of organizers of the invited session, together with a short biography of all organizers. A list of potential contributors will also be needed.

Invited session proposals will be evaluated based on the timeliness, uniqueness of the topic and qualifications of the proposers. The proposers are expected to have a PhD degree and have a good publication track record in the proposed area. After review, a decision on whether the proposal will be accepted will be sent to the proposers within two weeks after receipt of the proposals. Accepted invited sessions will be listed on the website. However, it is likely that an accepted proposal will be combined with another one to avoid multiple invited sessions covering a similar topic. A maximum of 30 invited sessions will be accepted for WCICA 2016. A final decision will be made two weeks after the submission deadline.

Invited session proposals should be sent by e-mail to:
Professor Ben M. Chen ( with a copy to WCICA 2016

All proposals should be submitted by December 20, 2015. Early proposals are highly encouraged.

Manuscripts submitted to invited sessions should be done through the paper submission website of WCICA 2016 as regular submissions. It is the responsibility of the authors to make sure that papers submitted to an invited session clearly indicate the name of the invited session the paper belongs to. All papers submitted to invited sessions will be subject to the same peer-review procedure as the regular papers. Invited sessions having fewer than four accepted papers will be cancelled and the accepted papers will be moved to regular sessions.

List of Invited Sessions

Session ID Session Title Organizers Affiliation and Email
H01 Modeling, Control and Optimization in
Air Transportation System
Wenbo Du Beihang University
Xiangmin Guan Civil Aviation Management Institute of China
Zheng Zheng Beihang University
H02 Quantum Control and Quantum Cybernetics Daoyi Dong University of New South Wales
Jing Zhang Tsinghua University
Wei Cui South China University of Technology
H03 Modeling, Control and Optimization of
Electrical Traction System in High-speed Railway
Zhigang Liu Southwest Jiaotong University
Mingli Wu Beijing Jiaotong University
H04 Operator Based Robust Nonlinear Control
and Its Application
Mingcong Deng Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Shengjun Wen Zhongyuan University of Technology
Shuhui Bi Jinan University
H05 Modeling, Identification and Control of
Distributed Parameter Systems (DPS)
Wei He University of Science and Technology Beijing
Deqing Huang Southwest Jiaotong University
Junwei Wang University of Science and Technology Beijing
H06 Control and Filtering for Distributed Networked Systems Qing-Long Han Griffith University
Chen Peng Shanghai University
Yu-Long Wang Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
H07 Advanced Intelligent Control of
Autonomous Systems
Bin Xu Northwestern Polytechnical University
Ning Wang Dalian Maritime University
H08 Application Oriented Image Analysis in
Robot Vision and Machine Vision
Sheng-Lan Liu Dalian University of Technology
Xu Yang Institute of Automation,
Chinise Academy of Sciences
Zhenyu Wu Dalian University of Technology
H09 Autonomous Control of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Yifeng Niu National University of Defense Technology
Xiangli Nie Institute of Automation,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
H10 Computational Intelligence Based Data-driven
Modeling, Optimization and Control
Dongbin Zhao Institute of Automation,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Haibo He University of Rhode Island
Chengdong Li Shandong Jianzhu University
H11 New Development on Fuzzy Systems and
Fuzzy Control
Baoyong Zhang Nanjing University of Science and Technology
Xiangpeng Xie Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Shuping He Anhui University
H12 Real-time Computing, Perception, Decision, and
Interaction for Autonomous Robots and
Robot Operating System
Shaowu Yang National University of Defense Technology
Junhao Xiao National University of Defense Technology
Jianhua Zhang Zhejiang University of Technology















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