The 24th International Conference On Neural Information Processing
November 14-18, 2017, Guangzhou, China
What is the future of deep learning?
What is the future of brain research?

ICONIP 2017 Call for Invited Sessions

Invited session proposals will be evaluated based on the timeliness, uniqueness of the topic and qualifications of the proposers. The proposers are expected to have a PhD degree and have a good publication track record in the proposed area. After review, a decision on whether the proposal will be accepted will be sent to the proposers within two weeks after receipt of the proposals. Accepted invited sessions will be listed on the website. However, it is likely that an accepted proposal will be combined with another one to avoid multiple invited sessions covering similar topics. A maximum of 30 invited sessions will be accepted for ICONIP 2017. A final decision will be made two weeks after the submission deadline.

Invited session proposals should be sent by e-mail to: Professor Wei He ( with a copy to All proposals should be submitted by June 10, 2017. Early proposals are highly encouraged.

Manuscripts submitted to invited sessions should be done through the paper submission website of ICONIP 2017 as regular submissions to the designated invited session (by scrolling down the topic list). It is the responsibility of the authors to make sure that papers submitted to an invited session clearly indicate the name of the invited session the paper belongs to. All papers submitted to invited sessions will be subject to the same peer-review procedure as regular papers. Invited sessions having fewer than 4 accepted papers will be cancelled and the accepted papers will be moved to regular sessions.

In case of any specific needs or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the conference secretariat at:

We look forward to receiving your research contributions and we will be happy to host you in Guangzhou, China.

Invited Session Chairs

Wei He

University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Dianwei Qian

North China Electric Power University, China

Manuel Roveri

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Dong Yue

Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

List of Invited Sessions (ICONIP 2017)

ID Title Proposers Contact Affiliation
NIPS-01 Bio-inspired methods for bioinformatics José Santos Reyes University of A Coruña
NIPS-02 Multi-modality sensing and pattern analysis Bin Gao University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
NIPS-03 Intelligent system modeling & control Tieshan Li Dalian Maritime University
Yongming Li Liaoning University of Technology
NIPS-04 Transfer learning for large-scale domain data Lei Zhang Chongqing University
Shenglan Liu Dalian University of Technology
NIPS-05 Advanced intelligent control of hypersonic flight control Bin Xu Northwestern Polytechnical University
Mou Chen Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Xiaoxiang Hu Rocket Force University of Engineering
NIPS-06 Genetic programming and its applications Jinghui Zhong South China University of Technology
Liang Feng Chongqing University
NIPS-07 Complex system analysis based on data-driven methods Min Han University of Technology
NIPS-08 Artificial neural networks and pattern recognition in geosciences Sid-Ali Ouadfeulouadfeul77@gmail.comAlgerian Petroleum Institute, IAP
Leila AliouaneLABOPHYT, FHC, UMBB, Boumerdes, Algeria
NIPS-09 Accuracy in data mining/ machine learning applications Omaru Maruatona  Federation University Australia
Paul Watters La Trobe University
NIPS-10 Active learning control of infinite-dimensional systems and its applications Yu Liu  South China University of Technology
Wei He University of Science and Technology Beijing
NIPS-11 Reservoir computing and its applications Daiju Nakano  IBM Research – Tokyo
Gouhei Tanaka The University of Tokyo
NIPS-12 Computational intelligence for machine vision: theory and applications Weng Kin LAI  Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Malaysia
Chee Peng LIM Deakin University, Australia
NIPS-13 Brain computer interface and its application to clinics Peng Xu of Electronic Science and Technology of China
NIPS-14Advanced Modeling & Control in Renewable Energy Systems and Smart Grid Qinmin Zhejiang University
Dianwei North China Electric Power University
NIPS-15 Intelligent control of vibrational and under-actuated systemsShengquan Li University
Zhongcai Zhangzhangzhongcai68@126.comQufu Normal University
Ning University
NIPS-16 Signal processing and machine learning for brain computer interfaces Dongrui University of Science and Technology
NIPS-17 Distributed adaptive dynamic programming and reinforcement learning for large-scale systems Qichao Zhang zhangqichao2013@163.comInstitute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
NIPS-18 Data-driven optimization and control in dynamic environments Bin Wang University of Jinan 
Zhen Zhangtbsunshine8@163.comQingdao University
Chengdong Jianzhu University
Dongbin Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
NIPS-19 Neuro-inspired learning and adaptation for optimization and control Jing Na Kunming University of Science and Technology 
Chenguang Yang cyang@ieee.orgSouth China University of Technology
Wei Heweihe@ieee.orgUniversity of Science and Technology Beijing
Qiang Zhejiang University of Technology
NIPS-20 Feature learning and its applications on image data Xiao-Yuan Jing University of Posts and Telecommunications
NIPS-21 Mapping human connectome based on multimodal MRI Lubin Wang Beijing Institute of Basic Medical Sciences
NIPS-22 Spiking neural networks  Nikola Kasabov Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand
Maryam G Doborjeh
Josafath I Espinosa-Ramos
NIPS-23 Deep and reinforcement learning (DRL)  Abdulrahman Altahhan Coventry University, UK
Vasile Palade
NIPS-24 Deep learning for computer vision: theory and applications   Chin-Teng Lin University of Technology, Sydney
Michael Blumenstein
Nabin Sharma
Mukesh Prasad
NIPS-25 Dynamics of neural systems and implications to neural information processing K. Y. Michael Wong Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Changsong Zhou Hong Kong Baptist University
NIPS-26 Computational intelligence for the digital economy Chu Kiong Loo University of Malaya, Malaysia
Kitsuchart Pasupa King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand
Kuntpong Woraratpanya
NIPS-27 Semi-supervised learning: theory and applications Yazhou Ren University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Zenglin Xu
NIPS-28 Data-driven social network analysis and mining: algorithms and applications Jiaxing Shang Chongqing University
Yong Feng
Liang Zhao Shenyang Aerospace University
NIPS-29 Online kernel learning and intelligent networked systems Fuxiao Tan Fuyang Normal University
Jing Yan Yanshan University















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