Keynote Speaker

Service Research & Innovation - Holistic View & Need for Global Partnership
Dr. Krishna Singh
IBM Almaden Research Center

As the Service Economy becoming the dominant part of the world GDP, its critical that we look at "Services" in a holistic way and the evolving scope and dimension of the term "Services". The major service industry verticals such as health care, financial, energy, retail, government, education, telecom and etc, they all deliver very unique services. On the other hand, horizontal Service Domains/Disciplines such as Business process/tools/models, Operations Management, Human Factor Engineering, Technology platforms/applications and etc have to be developed in the context of Service industry verticals. Service Research & Innovation Institute (SRII), a global organization with members from the industry, institutes, academia and government organizations is building focussed teams around major service verticals as well as domains to drive service research in specific focus areas. SRII also has a major focus on University programs in the areas of focused service research as well as developing Service Science (SSME) curriculum. Kris's keynote will discuss the above details and invite academia and industry to get further involved in driving Service Research & Innovation to increase the productivity of Service Economy globally.