2005 International Symposium on Intelligent Control
13th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation

http://liu.ece.uic.edu/ISIC05 or http://liu.ece.uic.edu/MED05


Submission of Final Manuscripts

NOTE: For copyright transfer, IEEE's collection system requires that JavaScript be enabled in your browser. If you cannot do it yourself, ask your system administrator to assist you with it. Here are some intructions. You do not need username and password for copyright transfer.

Submission of final manuscripts must be done electonically through PaperPlaza. Please go to the webpage: http://www.paperplaza.net/scripts/start.pl and click "Submit a Paper or Session Proposal" under Joint 2005 ISIC-MED.

Contributed Papers

Prospective authors of contribute papers must submit an electronic copy of the manuscript via the ISIC-MED submission website, PaperPlaza. Based upon the author's selection of the conference (ISIC or MED), the appropriate Program Committee will handle the review of the paper. Submission deadline for Contributed Papers is December 6, 2004.

Invited Sessions

  1. The organizer submits a session proposal (without the component papers) to PaperPlaza. PaperPlaza returns an acknowledgement that contains a code for the proposed session. PaperPlaza accepts the proposal in the form of a pdf file.
  2. The organizer notifies Contributing Authors of their invited session code.
  3. The corresponding author of each paper submits the paper online as an invited paper also selecting one of the conferences (ISIC or MED). PaperPlaza accepts the paper as a pdf file. Submission as an invited paper requires the invited session code.
  4. Submission deadline for Invited Sessions, including all session papers, is December 6, 2004.
Key Dates

Paper submission deadline EXTENDED (full paper up to 8 pages): 6 December 2004
Notification of acceptance/rejection: 11 March 2005
Deadline for final manuscript submission (up to 6 pages): 11 April 2005
Conference dates: 27-29 June 2005

Paper Submission Website

Please read the paper format/style information first.
(Note that ISIC05/MED05 will follow exactly the instructions posted there.)
All manuscripts and proposal for special sessions or workshops are submitted electronically. Sessions or workshops on new and emerging topics are strongly encouraged.
All paper submissions will be handled by paper plaza.

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