2005 International Symposium on Intelligent Control
13th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation

http://liu.ece.uic.edu/ISIC05 or http://liu.ece.uic.edu/MED05


Conference Objective
The main objective of both conferences is to bring together in a beautiful and inspiring environment researchers and practitioners from different countries to discuss the state-of-the-art and present new theoretical developments as well as address new and emerging approaches and applications in the areas of intelligent control (ISIC) and control and automation (MED).

Key Dates
Paper submission deadline EXTENDED (full paper up to 8 pages): 10 January 2005
Notification of acceptance/rejection: 11 March 2005
Deadline for final manuscript submission (up to 6 pages): 11 April 2005
Conference dates: 27-29 June 2005

Paper Submission
Please read the paper format/style information first.
(Note that ISIC05/MED05 will follow exactly the instructions posted there.)
All manuscripts and proposal for special sessions or workshops are submitted electronically. Sessions or workshops on new and emerging topics are strongly encouraged.
All paper submissions will be handled by paper plaza.
Click here when you are ready to submit papers.