2003 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks


International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2003)
Portland, Oregon, July 20-24, 2003
DEADLINE: January 29, 2003

Co-sponsored by the
International Neural Network Society (INNS)
and the IEEE Neural Networks Society.

The International Joint Conference on Neural Networks provides an overview of state of the art research in Neural Networks, covering a wide range of topics (see topic list below).

Paper submission deadline is January 29, 2003. Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the journal Neural Networks, in addition to publication of all papers in the conference proceedings.

The IJCNN meeting is organized annually by the International Neural Network Society (INNS) and the IEEE Neural Networks Society. Conference attendees who are INNS or IEEE Neural Networks Society members, or who join one of these societies now will receive a reduced IJCNN conference registration fee, and those who are INNS members will receive the IJCNN special issue for free as part of their annual membership subscription to Neural Networks.

Article submission:


Authors should submit their articles electronically on the conference web site at http://www.ijcnn.net by the conference deadline of January 29, 2003. THE DEADLINE HAS PASSED.

Plenary speakers:


Kunihiko Fukushima, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan
Earl Miller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Terrence Sejnowski, Salk Institute and UCSD, USA

Vladimir Vapnik, NEC Research Labs, USA

Christoph von der Malsburg, USC, USA and Univ. Bochum, Germany

Special sessions:
Full schedules for the following sessions are posted on www.ijcnn.net.

Csaba Rekeczky and Tamas Roska - Cellular visual microprocessors:
     Topographic array computing on data flows.
Stephen Grossberg - Visual cortex: How illusions represent reality
Robi Polikar - Incremental Learning
Antony Satyadas - Computational Intelligence for Homeland Security.
Robert Kozma, Ali Minai and DeLiang Wang - Dynamical Aspects of Information
     Encoding in Neural Networks.
Andreas A. Ioannides and John G. Taylor - Attention and Consciousness in
     Normal Brains: Theoretical models and phenomenological data from
     Magnetoencephalography (MEG).
Mitra Basu -  Biologically inspired/motivated computational models
Jim DeLeo and Roberto Tagliaferri - Patient Care and Clinical Decision
F. Carlo Morabito and Sameer Antani - Knowledge Discovery, and Image and
     Signal Processing in Medicine.
Harold Szu, Joel Davis, Harold Hawkins Biomimetic Applications
Francesco Masulli and Larry Reeker - Bioinformatics.
Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano - Geometric Neurocomputing.
Robert J. Marks and John Vian - Applications in Aerospace.


Tutorials will take place on Sunday, July 20, 2003. There will be six sequential two hour sessions. A single tutorial fee will pay for attendance of six different tutorials from the list below (the tutorial schedule will be posted on the registration page).

Bernard Widrow - Neural control systems
Pierre Baldi - Prediction of Protein Structures on a Proteomics Scale
     Using Machine Learning Approaches
Jose C. Principe and Deniz Erdogmus, - Information Theoretic Learning
Vladimir Cherkassky - Signal and image denoising using VC learning
John G. Taylor - Attention and Consciousness as Control System
     Components in the Brain
Martin McKeown - A survey of blind source separation techniques applied to
     clinical data 
V. Beiu, J.M. Quintana, M.J. Avedillo - Threshold Logic From TTL To
     Quantum Computing
Eytan Ruppin - Evolutionary Autonomous Agents:  A Novel Neuroscience
     Research Paradigm
Antonio Eleuteri, Francesco Masulli, Roberto Tagliaferro - Learning with
     multiple machines: ECOC models vs Bayesian Framework.
Johan Suykens - Least Squares Support Vector Machines
Asim Roy - Autonomous Learning: the New Connectionist Algorithms
Robert Kozma and Walter J Freeman - Neuropercolation: Dynamical Memory
     Neural Networks Biological Systems and Computer Implementations
Nik Kasabov - Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Using Adaptive Neural
Aurelio Uncini - Processing of audio signal by neural networks
Lei Xu - Dependence Structure Mining, Statistical Approaches,
     and Bayesian Ying-Yang Learning
Amie J. OBrien - Fuzzy Logic and Expert Systems: An Introduction with
     BioMedical Applications
Stephen Thaler - AI's Best Bet: The Creativity Machine Paradigm
Wang Shoujue - Biomimetic Classifications
Broad topics


Regular oral and poster sessions will include papers in subtopics within the following broad topics. When submitting your paper you must choose two subtopics within these broad topics (see www.ijcnn.net).

       E. HARDWARE 
       G. DYNAMICS 
       H. THEORY 

Organizing committee:
General Chair:   Don Wunsch, University of Missouri - Rolla
Program Chair:   Michael Hasselmo, Boston University
Program co-chairs: 
       DeLiang Wang, Ohio State University
       Ganesh K. Venayagamoorthy,University of Missouri - Rolla
Tutorial co-chairs:
       F. Carlo Morabito, University of Reggio Calabria, Italy
       Harold Szu, Office of Naval Research
Local Arrangements Chair:   George Lendaris, Portland State University
Publicity chair:   Derong Liu, University of Illinois at Chicago
Web chair:   Tomasz Cholewo, Lexmark International Inc., Kentucky
Exhibits chair:   Karl Mathia, Brooks-PRI Automation Inc., California
Student travel and volunteer chair:   Slawo Wesolkowski, University
of Waterloo, Canada
International Liason:   William N. Howell, Mining and Mineral Sciences
Laboratories, Canada

Program committee:
David Brown, FDA
Gail Carpenter, Boston University
David Casasent, Carnegie Mellon University
Ke Chen , University of Birmingham, UK
Michael Denham, University of Plymouth, UK
Thomas G. Dietterich, Oregon State University
Lee Feldkamp, Ford Motor Company
Kunihiko Fukushima, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan
Joydeep Ghosh, University of Texas at Austin
Stephen Grossberg, Boston University
Fred Ham, Florida Institute of Technology
Ron Harley, Georgia Institute of Technology
Bart Kosko, University of Southern California
Robert Kozma, University of Memphis
Dan Levine, University of Texas at Dallas
Xiuwen Liu, Florida State University
F. Carlo Morabito, Universita di Reggio Calabria, Italy
Ali Minai, University of Cincinnati
Catherine Myers, Rutgers University
Erikki Oja, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
Jose Principe, University of Florida
Danil Prokhorov, Ford Motor Company
Harold Szu, Office of Naval Research
John Gerald Taylor, University College, London, UK
Shiro Usui, Toyohashi Univ. of Technology, Japan
Bernie Widrow, Stanford University
Lei Xu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Gary Yen, Oklahoma State University
Lotfi Zadeh, University of California, Berkeley

Registration will be possible on the web site at www.ijcnn.net.
Registration fees will be:

INNS or IEEE Member Pre-reg     $425.00
INNS or IEEE Member Onsite      $525.00
Nonmember Pre-Reg        $525.00
Nonmember Onsite         $625.00
Student Pre-Reg    $125.00
Student Onsite     $175.00
Tutorial INNS or IEEE member Pre Reg   $250.00
Tutorial INNS or IEEE member Onsite    $300.00
Tutorial Nonmember Pre-Reg       $275.00
Tutorial Nonmember Onsite        $325.00
Tutorial Student Pre-Reg    $125.00
Tutorial Student Onsite     $175.00

For more information see the web page at http://www.ijcnn.net

Prof. Michael Hasselmo      e-mail: hasselmo@bu.edu
Department of Psychology    Tel: (617) 353-1397
and Program in Neuroscience      or (617) 353-1431
Boston University           FAX: (617) 353-1424
64 Cummington St.  
Boston, MA 02215      http://people.bu.edu/hasselmo