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Complex Systems and Intelligent Science research has received considerable attention in recent years. There are many interacting components in complex systems, resulting in some interesting and emerging properties that cannot be well understood from stand-along system viewpoints. Complex systems not only occur in physical sciences and engineering, but also encompass in many other fields. It has been noticed that the research methodology for Complex Systems is applicable to Intelligent Science, including data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Big data research is closely associated with complex systems since simple systems will not generate data that can be considered "big". On the other hand, it is the recent trend to employ machine learning and deep learning approaches in the modeling, control and management of complex systems. This conference covers all aspects of Complex Systems and Intelligent Science. It reports cutting edge research in complex systems, complex networks, parallel control, parallel management, social computing, intelligent control, learning control, machine learning, robotic systems, and intelligent medicine. As a highly interdisciplinary field, Complex Systems and Intelligent Science requires collaboration among researchers from various domains, including mathematics, physics, computer science, engineering, social sciences, humanities, and political sciences.

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